VOLUME II: Penumbra

According to Merriam Webster, penumbra (\ pə-ˈnəm-brə) is defined as “a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light”, and “a body of rights held to be guaranteed by implication in a civil constitution.”

Volume II of the Et Cetera Collective, with its overarching focus on Black History Month and Women’s History Month, aims to encapsulate both uses of the word. In this issue, we specifically want to underpin marginalized voices and advocate against historical ignorance. Though the fight for intersectional rights is often shrouded in oppression, with the voices at a movement’s fore overshadowed by white noise, it is our hope that society will one day rise above the tumult— and stifled voices will have the chance to tell their stories in complete light.

In addition to highlighting the immense sacrifice and extraordinary contributions that black individuals and womxn have made to society, we also wanted to honor Chinese heritage with a tribute to Chinese New Year. This necessitated another point of dialogue: namely, the surge of discriminatory and hateful rhetoric that has accompanied the global COVID-19 pandemic. VOLUME II is accessible online via desktop as well as at various Canadian community centres and public libraries.