Creator Spotlight: Lauren Vaught

Lauren Vaught

18 | She/Her

Lauren is an eighteen-year old artist who has been painting for seven years now. As someone who is half-Vietnamese, she has endured a recent influx of racist comments directed at her and others of Asian descent due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. She created this painting to bring awareness to the racism that pervades much of the discussion about the disease and hopes that it will bring happiness to those who have been hurt by it.

Lauren's painting, "I Am Still Human," was made to bring awareness to the subtle racism that many people of Asian heritage are confronted with today when talking about the coronavirus. When doing so, it is incredibly discriminatory to generalize an entire continent. Lauren hopes that her painting serves as a reminder that we often forget how our comments affect others. It underscores the fact that we are all human—regardless of what others say to hurt us—which is why the message is written in both Chinese and English.

More of Lauren's work can be found @ljvaught_art on Instagram.

Lauren’s art will be featured in Volume II, "Penumbra”, coming March 2020.