Highlight: Generational Disparity

The following piece by Arriyan Ali illustrates generational disparity and the subsequent emotional burdens that newer generations bear. It underscores the baton of debt, corrupt politics, and environmental damage, among a slew of other issues, that youth are forced to deal with as a consequence of their careless predecessors.

At first glance, you will notice two mechanical faces in two different colours. The first expression is that of worry, pain, and fear, along with a glimpse of guilty relief. It presents itself as a used up, bland grey. This lifeless colour leaks into wires that are connected to a more vibrant and vivid blue.

The blue android is untouched, not yet having endured the taxing processes it is bound to face. Unfortunately, the connected wires signify that the distress the dull robot faces will be unloaded onto the partnered, unsullied machine—commensurate with how the problems that older generations create are dumped onto their next of kin.

This is not a foreign issue. We see the implications of this vicious cycle everywhere: increasing amounts of student debt, climate change, rising housing rates, and the separation of social classes. Disconcertingly, this is is a dire issue that is not relayed to the public properly; in fact, it is often instead conflated with complaining.

Born in Pakistan and raised in Canada, Arriyan is a sixteen-year-old who loves expressing herself through art. She enjoys exploring different styles and mediums, her favourite being acrylic and ink. You will often find her getting lost in a good horror book, playing games on Steam, or rushing to finish her chemistry homework. She is eager to continue the exciting path of self discovery through her creative work. More of her work can be found via @_grape.seeds_ on Instagram.