Highlight: Forging a Brighter Future

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

In this piece, artist Juwairiyah Sahib combines detailed technique and political activism to make a powerful call for unity. More specifically, she utilizes contrasting detailed and repetitive black and white patterns to illustrate the often elusive concept of forging a brighter future. Woven into the heart of the artwork are values and personal qualities that she believes are essential for such societal progress: innovation, empowerment, inclusion, diversity, and more.

Juwairiyah (Jayjay) Sahib is a young artist from New Zealand. Using illustrations and portraits as a medium, she takes pride in creating detailed work that showcases her innermost convictions and beliefs. She is most passionate about social issues and various forms of socioeconomic inequality, including education, opportunity, and access to healthcare. Her other hobbies include learning about foreign cultures and languages. More of her work can be found via @jayjaysarts on Instagram.