Creator Spotlight: Mimi Wong

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Mimi Wong

16 | She/Her | England

“Art is my escapism from reality. I firmly believe it has power to change the world.”

Mimi is a half-Chinese, half-Polish artist from England. Now sixteen years old, she has been incredibly passionate about art and expressing herself through it since childhood. Her other interests include music, dance, roller-skating, video games, and culture.

More of her work can be found @thedoodleminja on Instagram.

Mimi’s art will be featured in Volume I, “Paradigm”, coming January 2020.


"This is my favourite art piece so far—it was my final GCSE art exam piece, created using mixed media combining digital and traditional art. It had to be a very personal response; all concepts and references had to be our own, so this piece holds a lot of personal meaning.

The girl drawn is me trapped in a jam jar, creating a barrier from the strawberries. From personally having dealt with a bad relationship with food, the jar symbolizes my emotions stopping me from eating the strawberries.

The impact of the emotion has become so powerful that the girl and the berries have swapped places—as if the berries had more control than me and I had lost my sense of power. The berries have also become the tears, just as food has turned into the source of my sadness."