Creator Spotlight: Anita Yan Wong

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Playful, artistic, and elegant are the words that come to mind when viewing artist Anita Yan Wong's "Ink Kittens": a painting series inspired by a neighbourhood cat. All the cat paintings are created with Sum-e ink and two calligraphy brushes without sketch nor eraser. Her project is also set to appear in a solo cat art show in San Ramon, California, in June 2020.

For Anita, painting the cats is a metaphorical way to fight off the metaphorical "bad rats" of 2020, instead replacing them with good fortune and positive energy. She feels that the paintings bring energy to her projects, movement to her brushwork, and tranquility to her life. More of her work can be found on her website.

Take a look at her paintings below, or keep an eye out for them in the Et Cetera Collective's VOLUME II: Penumbra (coming late March)!

Anita Yan Wong, M.F.A., M.A., is an Asian American painter best known for her expressive brush strokes and unique style of  “Contemporary Traditional" paintings that defies tradition and modernity. The artist, now living and teaching at UC Berkeley S.F. extension California, is a 4th generation Lingnan painter (which originated in southern China in the late 19th century, known for the fusion of modern Chinese and Western painting approaches.). Wong worked as an art Professor for over 10 years at MICA, SVA and Temple University before returning to a sole focus on her art in 2015. Her works are currently featured Internationally on over 40 Traditional and Hip Cultural Magazines including N.Y. Arts, cover story of Works & Conversations 2017 (displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, SFMOMA, the Kandinsky Library at the Pompidou Center, Paris and Harvard library), Art Dependence Magazine; selected illustration arts for Emmy award winning Magazine by Adam McKay and Mike Farah. She was awarded first place wall art by “Design within Reach” in Design Philadelphia Award. Wong's work is researched by Academics; Art historians and Phd students Internationally, such as University of Naples "L'Orientale, Italy and the Phd Department of history of art and archaeology, University of London. She has collaborated with MAHB, Stanford University with the goal of preserving Lingnan Guo Hua and the beauties in nature. Yale University's China Hands Magazine described her paintings as “Traditional art form that questions the modern minds.”​