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Meet the youth that began the Et Cetera Collective.



Joyce is a high school senior from Vancouver, Canada. As an avid debater and public speaker, she has grown to incorporate political perspectives independent of her own into her worldview, discern ways that topics of international relevance affect citizens beyond Western borders, and utilize her own voice to empower those without one. She enjoys performing and writing poetry, particularly as a medium for social justice.



Amanda is a high school senior from Vancouver, British Columbia. From a young age, she has used various forms of creative expression as outlets for introspection, self-reflection, and advocacy for important causes. She especially enjoys using art to express her fundamental beliefs. Most of all, she is incredibly passionate about social inequality and mental health and enjoys volunteering within her community.



Ashley is a senior in high school from British Columbia, Canada. She has always loved creating narratives, particularly from the lens of graphic design. She is ecstatic to be working for the Et Cetera Collective, where she can use her greatest skills and abilities to positively impact the world around her. She strives to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

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